Testimonials for clients for websites

If you are just using text testimonials on your website, you are failing to utilize one of your best marketing tools now available –  Video testimonials are far more engaging and convincing. They will keep visitors on your site longer.  Video Testimonials are one of the strongest things you can use in your marketing when dealing with potential customers. We have produced many of these and are always available to give advice also if you look below we have filmed some great Public Events where Brand experts and Sales trainers refer to them. plus also some samples of ones we have done.

Quote - We helped one client who was pitching for work close a £20,000 deal just because they stood out using video.

Dave worked with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to produce a film of an event we ran for Facebook. In addition to the work requested, he also came up with the idea of filming customer testimonials about the event, which can now be seen on the Events page of our website. The turnaround time to produce the edited clips was incredibly good and the quality of Dave's work was fantastic. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to get some filming done for their organisation.

July 10, 2012, Siobhan was David's client - Source Linked In